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We offer a wide variety of foods, of course we have typical options, like "Casados" (among others). We as Costa Ricans love eating rice and beans everyday, but we understand foreigners normally get tired of them, sometimes they even start hating rice and beans, so here you can have many other dishes besides typical food.

Our cuisine has a Latin American fusion, with some influence of Peruvian cuisine, Monteverde is located close to the coast, we easily get fresh seafood and fish. We also have some great beef cuts (like Rib Eye or T-Bone), also dishes that are considered food of the world, like Sandwiches, Hamburgers and Pizza, you can find as well a few Mexican dishes, like Quesadillas and Nachos.

If you feel like having a drink sitting by our spectacular Ficus tree you will find many options, great freshly prepared cocktails, Costa Rican beers and even some craft beers. Also fresh fruit drinks (we use real fruit) and sodas.

We are also famous for our coffee, so if you want to try real coffee you won't be disappointed.

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Open everyday from 11am to 10pm
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Monteverde, Costa Rica. Santa Elena
town, in front of the Catholic church.
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